All projects are assesed individually, circumstances will vary from project to project and this will be kept in mind when evaluating proposals. Our Club board will decide which projects we can assist with.
All projects should fall within an Area of Focus.
Project guidelines:

  1. Projects should benefit the community whenever possible.
  2. Projects shall not be undertaken which will benefit individuals or promote the individual.
  3. Community leaders should be part of the acceptance/approval where such leaders should be involved.
  4. A project brief should be submitted in which the basic outline of the proposed project is laid out. This should include:
    • Purpose of project
    • Beneficiary (ies)
    • Geographical position
    • Parties involved
    • Indicative costs
    • How the project will be carried out, and who will manage it
    • Who will “own” the outcome of the project
    • Cost breakdown
    • Any formal approval needed ( e.g. environmental studies, building applications, water apportionment board approval )
  5. Where costs are involved for external items (labour and materials) it is preferable to obtain more than one (3 where possible) quotes. However, this may not always be possible due to location and type of material to be obtained.
  6. Where external funding is involved, this should be noted, and the interaction between the parties needs to be understood. If external reporting is required, there should be a responsible party from the club named.

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